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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The May issue of Transactions is now online and includes two freely available papers:

An editorial by Paiboon Sithithaworn, Trevor N. Petney and Ross H. Andrews. entitled 'What significance do helminths species-complexes have for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human infections?' which discusses why recognising parasitic-species complexes outside of the specialist groups working on them should be a general medical priority.

Look out for these three authors as Guest Editors of a special issue of Transactions in January 2016 on food-borne trematodes, and specifically on Opishtorchis, Clonorchis, Fasciola, Paragonimus and intestinal flukes.

An original article by Leora R. Feldstein et al. entitled 'Dengue on islands: a Bayesian approach to understanding the global ecology of dengue viruses'. This study identifies 728 islands where dengue could plausibly occur and does a regression analysis to identify variables most strongly associated with dengue transmission., concluding that temperature and population size are the best explanatory variables.

What else is in this month's issue?

In addition to original articles and short communications on HIV/TB, malaria, enteric pathogens and leptospiral surveillance, take look at:

  • the review paper by Senaka Rajapakse on atypical manifestations of leptospirosis which will be useful to clinicians working in leptospirosis endemic and non-endemic regions as awareness of these unusual manifestations would hopefully guide clinicians towards early diagnosis; and
  • the commentary by David Weetman and Martin Donnelly, commissioned from our Measuring Progress meeting last September, on the evolution of insecticide resistance diagnostics in malaria vectors, in which the authors argue that current methods to diagnose resistance often have limited utility and should be augmented or even partially replaced by wider application of DNA markers.

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