Spotlight on July issue of International Health

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Monday, 6 July 2015

The July issue of International Health is now available online and includes three freely available papers:

An editorial by Murray Brilliant on albinism in Africa, highlighting the medical and social challenges that people with albinism face.

An Open Access review paper by Eric Pelfrene and collegues from the European Medicines Agency on artemisinin-based combination therapy in the treatment of uncomplicated malaria. Last year the European Medicines Agency approved two antimalarial fixed combination products. For these cases, two different regulatory pathways were applied. This review describes this experience, emphasising main differences and applicability offered by these regulatory choices.

An Editor's Choice Open Access paper by Stacey Young and colleagues from WHO and UNICEF on the results from a survey on national immunization programmes in home-based vaccination record practices in 2013. Data on home-based vaccination record practices within national immunization programmes are non-existent and this is the first global attempt at getting information on home-based vaccination records. WHO and UNICEF sent questionnaires to 195 countries and results from a 138 of these countries provide a basis for national immunization programmes to develop, implement and monitor corrective activities to improve the availability and use of home-based records.

What else is in this issue?

In addition to seven other original papers on subjects ranging from Hepatis B vaccination of healthcare workers in Botswana to determining the utility and durability of medical equipment donated to a rural clinic in a low-income country, and factors associated with risk behaviour in travellers to tropical and subtropical regions, there's a commentary by Francisco Artal on meningococcal meningitis vaccination and a review by Baburam Marasini et al. on strengthening state/non-state service delivery partnerships in the health sector in Nepal.

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