Spotlight on July issue of Transactions

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Monday, 15 June 2015

The July issue of Transactions is now available online and includes two freely available papers:

An editorial by Alexander Stockdale and Anna Maria Geretti on chronic hepatitis B infection in sub-saharan Africa, discussing the actions now needed to reverse the increasing tide of disease in sub-Saharan Africa and urging collaborative action among epidemiologists, patient advocacy groups, research funders, public health doctors, policy-makers, physicians and patients.

An Editor's choice original article by Khuen Foong Ng et al. on the epidemiology of adenovirus respiratory infections among hospitalized children in Seremban, Malaysia.

What else is in this issue?

In addition to six other original articles on HIV, TB, leismaniasis and more, there's a commentary by Christian R. Engwerda and Greg Matlashewski on the development of Leishmania vaccines in the era of visceral leishmaniasis elimination in which the authors argue that a vaccine will be critical if the success of recent visceral leishmaniasis control efforts are to be sustained and that not only do we require a safe and effective vaccine, but we also need to know how this should be used for maximum impact. In particular, identifying appropriate target populations to vaccinate will be crucial.

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