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Friday, 18 September 2015

The October issue of Transactions is now available online and includes two freely available papers:

An Editorial on renewing the momentum for Leptospirosis research in Africa by Kathryn J. Allan, Jo E.B. Halliday and Sarah Cleaveland;

An Editor's Choice paper authored by Birgit Nikolay and entitled A review of West Nile and Usutu virus co-circulation in Europe: how much do transmission cycles overlap? This paper presents a systematic review of the published literature examining the circulation of West Nile and Usutu viruses in vertebrate and insect hosts in Europe, with emphasis on the possible interactions between them. West Nile virus is an important emerging human pathogen and the possibility of modifications of its epidemiology in the presence of a co-circulating related flavivirus is of great significance.

What else is in this issue?

There's a commissioned commentary by Rachel Lowe on understanding the relative importance of global dengue risk factors; this paper comments on a previously published paper from Professor Simon Hay's group entitled  Dengue on islands: a Bayesian approach to understanding the global ecology of dengue viruses and discusses how flexible Bayesian modelling approaches aid our understanding of the complex interplay between environmental and socioeconomic determinants of dengue and how the findings of Feldstein et al contribute to our knowledge of the relative importance of global dengue risk factors.

There's also a review paper on the emergence of dengue in Bangladesh and five original papers on  meliodosis, lymphatic filariasis, HIV, leprosy and more as well as a short communication on soil-transmitted helminthiasis.

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