Spotlight on March issue of International Health

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The March issue of International Health is now available online and includes four Open Access and freely available papers:

An Editor's Choice review paper by Neil B Oldridge and colleagues on the cost and cost-effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation in low- and middle-income countries;

An Open Access review paper by Fiona M Dickinson and colleagues on maternal, reproductive and child health data collection in humanitarian and emergency situations;

An Open Access original research article from MSF authors Safieh Shah and colleagues on unregulated usage of labour-inducing medication in a region of Pakistan with poor drug regulatory control;

An Open Access original research article by Erika Linnander and colleagues on the use of a national collaborative to improve hospital quality in a low-income setting;

What else is in this issue?

This issue features seven additional original research articles on HIV, podoconiosis, onchocerciasis and more; if you have an RSTMH subscription, just log in to your account to access the articles.

No RSTMH subscription?

If you don't yet have a subscription to RSTMH you can still view the Table of Contents and the abstracts. Why not think about joining RSTMH? In addition to access to the full 108-year archive of scholarly articles, you'll get a discount on tickets to all our meetings and an opportunity to shape the future of RSTMH through your vote. Sign up securely online today!








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