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Monday, 16 May 2016

The May issue of International Health is now available online and includes four Open Access and freely available papers:

An editorial by Kevin Marsh entitled Africa in transition: the case of malaria;

Three papers launching our new commissioned series of ethics papers:

An Editor's Choice commentary by Editorial Board member Karen Devries and colleagues entitled Collecting data on violence against children and young people: need for a universal standard;

An original research article by Maureen Kelley and colleagues on Ethical challenges in research with orphans and vulnerable children: a qualitative study of researcher experiences;

An Open Access original research article by Jonas Kengre-Ouafo and colleagues on Understanding of research, genetics and genetic research in a rapid ethical assessment in north west Cameroon;

It also features a review paper by Filippo Curtale and colleagues entitled District health planning at a time of transition: a critical review and lessons learnt from the implementation of regional planning in Uganda. This paper presents the Ugandan experience in adapting district planning to the changing healthcare context and describes how this is evolving from a process aimed at prioritizing and allocating public resources to a more complex tool able to align and coordinate all health actors in the new District Health System. The process is still ongoing. It presents an overview of the first two years of implementation with a qualitative exploration of key operational issues, main lessons learnt and practical considerations.

What else is in this issue?

This issue features a commentary by Moffat Nyirenda entitled Non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa: understanding the drivers of the epidemic to inform intervention strategies; Professor Nyirenda is speaking on non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa at our joint RSTMH-AAS Epidemiological Transitions Nairobi meeting in July.

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