National Clinical Excellence Awards for consultants

The national Clinical Excellence Awards are awarded annually by the Advisory Committee (ACCEA) to consultants for quality, excellence, and exceptional personal contributions.

These awards are only open to consultants with a permanent NHS contract or honorary NHS contract in England or Wales.

Procedure for requesting RSTMH support for RSTMH members 

RSTMH is a specialist society accredited to support:

  • a limited number of candidates applying for a new Gold, Silver or Bronze award
  • all individuals applying for renewal of a previous award (excluding Platinum)

This support is only available to current RSTMH members.

This scheme is different from local clinical excellence awards, to which the Society has no input. The national procedure has changed a little for 2019 - guidance is available online.

Candidates should read the guidelines carefully and submit their application forms to their primary employer and other local supporting bodies (e.g. university or NHS Trust, depending on who is the primary employer), and to other supporting bodies such as Royal Colleges, specialist societies, etc.

RSTMH members should note that work overseas is not specifically rewarded in this scheme, which focuses on the NHS. However, they may endeavour to show how their work improves health in the UK.

This year, applicants must also identify an individual who will write a citation to support their application, using a specific form which can be downloaded from the ACCEA website. The citation should be used to emphasise and highlight particular points and should not be a repetition of other parts of the form. However, the citation cannot introduce new information that is not mentioned on the application form.

Those seeking renewal of an existing award should note that these compete with new applications in their own region, so the same amount of effort should be put into a renewal application as for a new application.

The deadline for requesting RSTMH support for the 2019 awards has now passed.