Dr Christophe Ngendahayo

Junior Medical Officer, Rwandan Ministry of Health, RSTMH Student Ambassador

Dr Ngendahayo is a recent medical graduate from University of Rwanda in the department of General Medicine and Surgery, and an RSTMH Student Ambassador since Jan, 2019 who was built and motivated by the amazing network of like-minded people and the continuous mentorship from the RSTMH staff. Ngendahayo was born, raised and educated in Rwanda, also known as the country of thousand hills, one of the tropical territories that share a common problem of all sorts of tropical (communicable) diseases. So, for him, becoming a RSTMH Ambassador was a great step forward in supporting his country, and his former university through research and advocacy. He is currently working as a Junior Medical Officer with the Rwandan Ministry of Health, Kigali.

Ngendahayo’s achievements were marked by his global health leadership. He is currently serving as Air Health Trainer with the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), as well as steering as a Co-Lead of the WHO Civil Society Working Group on NCDs, since 2018. He is the former Public Health Regional Assistant at the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), and it is because this leadership experience that he has won opportunities to attend and speak at various global health conferences in more than 10 countries. Thanks to RSTMH, Ngendahayo has developed a spirit and capacity for global health research. He has recently published his paper in the Lancet Planetary Health as the winner of a research grant by the McGill University Research Center.

Ngendahayo’s ultimate goal is a career in global health advocacy by focusing his work on Air Pollution, Climate Change and their convergencies with NCDs and Tropical Diseases. The latter is fuelled by his unrevivable aim to get a master’s degree in Public or Global Health. He acknowledges the RSTMH for the great role it has played in guiding his career throughout his time as an RSTMH Student Ambassador.