Elizabeth Ochola

PhD candidate in Health Geography, RSTMH Student Ambassador

My institution, the University of Waterloo, is home to innovation, transformational research, and inspired learning. In the last 28 years, the University of Waterloo has been consistently voted the most innovative university in Canada. In the field of global health and tropical medicine, Canada believes that the health and wellbeing of all is essential for poverty eradication, sustainable development, and prosperity of communities. As a scholar, I aim to utilize my extensive interdisciplinary training to provide solutions for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) through research and knowledge sharing.

As I reflect on my scientific career, I have been fortunate to achieve a few things. For my PhD studies, I am a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarships. In 2015, I was awarded a woman in science grant from WHO/TDR to mentor aspiring female scientists in the field of tropical medicine from two public universities in western Kenya. In 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH) through a travel grant to disseminate my research findings on how NTDs propagate inequitable access to basic services in sub-Saharan Africa.

I became a student ambassador with RSTMH to raise awareness in the field of tropical medicine and global health among students and young professionals within my institution and Canada. So far, my experience has been fulfilling since I have been able to share RSTMH resources with young scientists at the University of Waterloo, who are passionate about making a valuable contribution to the field of global health.

In my free time I love everything Retro…. music, clothing, and d├ęcor. I always feel like I am stuck in the 80s.