Erick Agure

I am a Kenyan national and student at Heidelberg Institute of Global Health, Heidelberg University (Germany). Where I have completed my MSc in International Health and am transiting to a PhD. My PhD project will focus on Nutritional Epidemiology on an implementation project between my University and Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Kenya.

I got accepted to Heidelberg Institute of Global Health through a DAAD scholarship and won a research grant from Baden-Württemberg foundation for my research. In the past, I worked on a pilot study to evaluate the potential benefits of school gardens amongst the rural schools serving majority poor households.

My goal is to bridge the gap between science and practice; implementing proven and scientifical findings to improve the overall well-being of society. But most importantly, I am disseminating global health practices, knowledge, information and RSTMH events to my home country Kenya. I want to enable young researchers to take opportunities to increase research from LICs and LMICs.