Grants FAQs

RSTMH offers small grants of up to £5,000 for research to be carried out in tropical medicine or global health. These are designed to be as straightforward as possible.

They are seed funding grants and so ideally provide the opportunity to test out initial ideas and theories.

Who can apply?

Researchers and professionals early in their careers, based anywhere in the world. Anyone can apply but we ask for awardees to be members of RSTMH, as we like to establish a relationship with recipients and support to them in other ways.

How do I apply?

Sign up to the RSTMH newsletter to find out when and how to apply for small grants. They normally open in January or February and are awarded in May or June, though this timing is being reviewed.

Do you offer travel grants to attend non-RSTMH events?

We offer travel scholarships a few times a year. These are prioritised for RSTMH meetings and for early career researchers and professionals.

They are also prioritised, but not exclusive, to RSTMH members.

Do you offer grants for masters/university courses?

No, we do not provide grants for education currently, but we try to highlight these opportunities when we see them, in our newsletter.