Nchanji G. Takop

PhD candidate and Research Associate

I am a PhD candidate in microbiology at the University of Buea, Cameroon and a research associate at REFOTDE (Research Foundation in Tropical Diseases and Environment). The University of Buea has a rich research culture in sciences, public health and tropical medicine, wherein it collaborates with the best public health schools and researchers worldwide.

My career objective is to work in or build institutions that aim to strengthen health systems, improve community health and control the spread of diseases, especially in developing countries through a One Health conceptual understanding of public health problems.

I am deeply passionate about community health, which I regard as the basic unit of global public health. Consequently, the quest to be more involved in improving community health led me to volunteer with RSTMH as a student ambassador. It is rare to be part of something bigger than us, an international push to combat and end global health threats, especially those which affect the poorest and the underprivileged of the society like NTDs and malaria.