Peter Macharia

Geospatial Modeler, RSTMH Student Ambassador

Peter is an RSTMH student ambassador based in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently he is a PhD candidate of spatial epidemiology and health geography at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research programme (KWTRP), Kenya an affiliated research centre of the Open University, UK. KWTRP is a world-renowned health research unit of excellence and has excelled in use of novel ideas working with local communities to achieve better health for Africa while also developing African scientific leaders.

Peter’s PhD thesis focuses on Mapping trends and determinants of under-five mortality at sub-national levels in Kenya: 1965-2015 by tackling three questions: how do levels and trends in under-five mortality (U5M) rates vary by county (subnational geographic unit) within Kenya; how have determinants of U5M changed by county; and what is the impact of these determinants on child survival.

His ultimate career goal is to quantify spatial health metrics at high spatial and temporal resolution in sub-Saharan Africa to better understand the variations and heterogeneities to inform targeted responses in line with the SDG principle of leaving no one behind and reaching the farthest behind, first. He was the Alumnus of the Year for his alma mater (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology, Kenya) in 2017, won the 2018 Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) Research Award for best contribution in the Student Research category internationally and featured as a Super Scientist in 2020, an initiative developed to inspire young people and into science careers.

He became an RSTMH student ambassador to facilitate networking and learn more about global health. Peter is a Manchester united Fan and loves charity work especially in the marginalized hard-to-reach communities in Kenya