Clinical Excellence Awards

Eligibility and nominations

The 2021 ACCEA process is now closed. 

Full details of the format and requirements of the application will be available on the ACCEA website in due course.

We understand that there is going to be a simplification of the forms required to make the process easier.

Current award holders will need to submit a renewal application if:

  • they received their current award in the 2017 round
  • their award was last renewed in 2016 (awarded in 2012, 2007, 2002)
  • their award was due to be renewed in 2020 and was extended by one year

In some cases, award holders will be renewing out of the usual cycle. Awards are reviewed earlier if there is a change in job or a significant change in job plan.

National awards are awarded by ACCEA. They recognise the high quality of clinical practice, leadership, research and innovation, and teaching undertaken in the NHS in England and Wales. They also recognise the effect of that work elsewhere in the NHS and on public health.

There are four levels of national award: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Consultants and academic GPs working for the NHS in England and Wales can apply for new national awards and renewals.

If you apply, you need to give local, national or international evidence to demonstrate your contribution in one or more of the following areas:

  • you have ongoing commitment to, and impact on patient care and wellbeing, and improving clinical effectiveness, public health and disease prevention
  • you hold high standards of both technical and clinical aspects of service delivery, and give safe, patient-focused care
  • you make an outstanding contribution to professional leadership, ideally demonstrating successful change management
  • you are committed to NHS values and goals – so you take part in job planning, observing the 'Private Practice Code of Conduct' and showing a commitment to achieving agreed service objectives
  • you contribute to making your service more organised and effective through clinical governance
  • you follow the principles of evidence-based practice
  • you contribute research to the NHS knowledge base, and where relevant, its translation into clinical practice, and /or take part in research governance
  • you are recognised as an excellent teacher, trainer or manager, have introduced innovative ideas and assisted in the communication of consistent or best practice that has improved patient care
  • you contribute to health and healthcare policymaking, and planning at a regional, national or international level

Those seeking renewal of an existing award should note that these compete with new applications in their own region, so the same amount of effort should be put into a renewal application as for a new application.

RSTMH is a specialist society accredited to support:

  • a limited number of candidates applying for a new Gold, Silver or Bronze award
  • all individuals applying for renewal of a previous award (excluding Platinum)

This support is only available to current RSTMH members.

We recommend that our members who anticipate applying for a new award or renewal of an old award should familiarise themselves with details on the ACCEA website.

History of the Clinical Excellence Awards

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) run the national Clinical Excellence Awards scheme for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in England and the government in Wales.

The national Clinical Excellence Awards are awarded annually by the Advisory Committee (ACCEA) to consultants for quality, excellence, and exceptional personal contributions.

These awards are only open to consultants with a permanent NHS contract or honorary NHS contract in England or Wales.

The scheme rewards people who deliver more than the standards expected of a consultant or academic GP fulfilling the requirements of their role in their post.