RSTMH Regional Ambassador

Date Posted:
06 July 2022
Closing date for applications:
22 December 2022
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH)
Job type:

The Regional Ambassador is a new voluntary role, which was created as a result of our current strategy, launched late 2017. We are currently looking for five Regional Ambassadors in the regions detailed below. To apply to be a Regional Ambassador, please follow this link to submit an application form and your CV on our online platform Submittable. Applications for this role will be reviewed by the International Members Committee of RSTMH, who meet on a quarterly basis. 

The role of the Regional Ambassador

Regional Ambassadors are volunteers who will liaise with Country Ambassadors, relevant organisations, key individuals and networks in their region. They will help ensure RSTMH is known as a Society which can provide support and value to those interested in and working in tropical medicine and global health, and to feed regional information and advice into our work at governance and operational levels. 

The aim of the role is to ensure we are better connected to Ambassadors, members, individuals, organisations and networks in the region. We hope it will help RSTMH be better informed on regional priorities and news, and to influence how the Society operates, through their role on the Board of Trustees and through the team. 

Main duties and responsibilities

As a Regional Ambassador, your role would include the following activities: 

  • Work with Country Ambassadors to identify regional dissemination gaps and fill them with information about RSTMH and our work via social media, networks and other communication channels
  • Work with Country Ambassadors and local partners to help scope regional activities e.g. events
  • Report regularly on the priorities, successes and challenges in your region in our field of work with recommendations for action
  • Liaise with Country Ambassadors and other partners on a regular basis to help feed into your regional analysis and reports
  • Be an active member of the International Members Committee, which meets once a quarter, virtually 
  • Advise RSTMH on how to better achieve the aims and goals of our current strategy
  • Inform us of urgent information that you feel RSTMH should respond to in a timely way e.g. outbreaks, health challenges, or regional successes 
  • Help us understand the key individuals, organisations, and networks in your region, that you feel we should be in contact with
  • Be open and able to attend the annual Regional Ambassador meeting and RSTMH Board of Trustees Strategy Workshop in person
  • Be open and able to attend an RSTMH Board meeting in person as part of the rotation of Regional Ambassadors 

We would like each Regional Ambassador to attend at least two RSTMH Board meetings while they are in the role, in rotation with other Regional Ambassadors, and in accordance with the RSTMH policy on Board meeting attendance. 

We would like each Regional Ambassador to attend the Board of Trustees Strategy Workshop, which happens once per year and is normally between September and December. We are hoping to combine this trip with other meetings, including team and Board inductions, the RSTMH Annual Meeting which incorporates RSTMH’s AGM, and the annual meeting of Regional Ambassadors.  

We would like each Regional Ambassador to represent the network by attending one RSTMH Board meeting in rotation. The frequency of this would depend on the number of Regional Ambassadors in any one year.  

The purpose of attending Board meetings would be to take an active role in the governance of RSTMH, to represent the views of the Regional Ambassador group, and to bring your knowledge and experience of the region to discussions. 

We would like Regional Ambassador to be able to work with us for at least three years, to be able to establish links and networks and make best use of the role.

We are recruiting one Regional Ambassador in each of the following regions:
1.    Southern and Eastern Africa 
2.    West Africa 
3.    South-East Asia and Western Pacific
4.    Southern Asia 
5.    Southern and Central America 

Skills and experience needed

You will have citizenship status in one of the countries within the region you would like to represent. You will have been based there for at least a decade and will be there for at least a further three years.

You will have a good understanding of the broader context of global health beyond your personal area of speciality, as well as have established links to influential individuals and regional tropical medicine and global health networks and organisations. 

You will be knowledgeable in your specific area of tropical medicine and global health and will have established good networks within your region, in your field and more widely, preferably across the clinical, academic, charity, industry and policy making sectors. 

You will have represented your organisation or work in other non-executive or voluntary capacities in the past and ideally you would also have experience of working in a regional role in the past. You will have good relationship building skills and will be happy to act as a voluntary ambassador for RSTMH at conferences and meetings. You should be able to provide a reference from a senior representative from another institution in the region who is able to comment on your suitability for the role. 

You will be an established member of RSTMH,  be able to demonstrate a good understanding of our work and strategy, and be confident and willing to represent RSTMH. Ideally you would have held a voluntary role with RSTMH before.


Although the role of Regional Ambassador is voluntary, we will meet the costs of attending the Board of Trustee Strategy Workshop and the RSTMH meetings organised as part of that same trip. During this visit you would have a chance to meet members of the Board of Trustees, the RSTMH team and other RSTMH members, Fellows and partners. 

We will help develop materials e.g. business cards and email signatures for the Regional Ambassador to aid the delivery of the role.
We hope that volunteering as an RSTMH Regional Ambassador will be of benefit to you. You will be part of a network of Ambassadors around the world, hopefully expanding your existing networks and contacts in your area of work. 

The RSTMH Team is happy to provide references for Regional Ambassadors. 

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