Karina Chopra

Karina Chopra

Karina Chopra is a medical student, studying at the University of Aberdeen. Aberdeen has many links to global health with Sir Patrick Manson growing up and living in Aberdeen.

Despite there not being much tropical medicine within Aberdeen itself, given the COVID-19 pandemic, Karina is gaining experience of working in a global pandemic, which is extremely challenging but also educationally interesting.

She is passionate about health equity, and planetary health and would love to work to combine these two areas together to create healthcare that is sustainable and equitable wherever a person may live.

Karina was a panel speaker for MQ:Mental Health Science Meeting discussing whether or not mental health treatments are effective. She is also proud of presenting her elective on decolonising the medical curriculum at the Staff Away Day at Aberdeen University, which was humbling but also extremely nerve-racking given the topical nature of the discussion.

Karina became an RSTMH Student Ambassador because it's a nice way to meet other students who are interested in global health and tropical medicine.